Julian Stips

Amsterdam, The Netherlands More info
instagram: Julian Stips

Julian Stips (1990) is a dutch illustrator and artist. In 2012 he graduated with a collection from the Fashion Design department at Artez School for the Arts in Arnhem.

Ever since he has been working on illustration, print design and fine arts from his studio in Amsterdam. In his (fashion) illustrations he likes to create expressive characters in a fully realized and surreal setting that add to their personality and story. He is widely inspired by art deco and other decorative eras in art- and costume history and by putting these historical influences in contrast with elements of todays fashion and pop-culture he creates images that are evocative but relevant.

To achieve the abundant and extravagant look of his graphic illustrations he mixes the use of digital media and hand-drawn work, starting with just a dip pen and ink and potentially from there -depending on what the illustration calls for- continuing (digitally) with elements from his own acryllic paintings and watercolours. By balancing his more-is-more approach with the use of technique, color (or lack thereof) and most of all intuition, he strives to deliver coherent, rich and powerful images.