Van Vincent

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contact: Niki Yocarini
instagram: Van Vincent

The work of Van Vincent is rooted in the object and in the practice of the still life. He continuously re-evaluates and further develops his artistic working method, looking for complimentary ways and meanings to more profoundly integrate qualities such as deceleration, precision, and matter of course. He has a fascination for the bare core, the base, which precedes to any imaginable design or work. Vincent lays open the process of rearranging and interlacing. The resulting clarity, however, soon turns out to be misleading. In his works, Vincent confounds and confuses the beholder and his habits of seeing. He play with it in a delicate way, and seeking the limits of human visual perception. Behind a veil of stylistic perfection, his images oscillate in a fragile way between inexorable realism and nebulous distance.

Vincent graduated from Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, The Netherlands, where he also held a role of a teacher. He has been combining his independent artistic work and his commissioned work that find their place in both editorials and advertising campaigns. His wide range of clients include, Roger Vivier, Nina Ricci, moooi, Air France, Elle Deco, Harper’s Bazaar, Volkskrant Magazine among others.