Willeke Duijvekam

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contact: Lia Wals
instagram: Willeke Duijvekam

Willeke Duijvekam was born March 11th 1968 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. She graduated from the Amsterdam Photo Academy in 2006 with an emphasis on documentary, journalism and portraits.
Stills of people’s everyday life is her main focus.

“In my work I am guided by what moves and surprises me. Photographs can be enigmatic. They sometimes work because of what is included in the frame, and sometimes because of what is not. There is no formula for taking pictures. It’s a mysterious process: an endless challenge. Ideas for projects constantly unfold and possibilities reveal themselves around every corner. The trick is to be open enough to recognize them the moment they appear, and be driven enough to pursue them. It’s the variety in people that attracts me. I'm always looking for the binding factor in everyday people, not their differences. I like to get close to my subject but try to avoid the feeling of being a voyeur.

Duijvekam has won many awards including Panl Public Eye Award, Gold Panl, World Press Photo and was nominated for the Zilveren Camera National Portrait Prize. Her work had been published in a number of magazines such as Vrij Nederland, Volkskrant, NRC weekblad, Marie Claire, LINDA and several international magazines. She has shot campaigns for Randstad, CZ Zorgverzekeringen, Price Waterhouse Coopers, SIRE, T Mobile and others.

We have selected 3 projects to show how Willeke Duijvekam works.
Please visit her website and click on 'menu'. Click on a specific project like Allemansbankje (Everybody's bench), Gewoon flink (Just chubby) or
Haast volwassen (Chasing puberty).