We are an agency representing various artists in photography, illustration, animation, (art) direction and film. Besides protecting their creative interest we also take care of production. Producing all assignments and carrying responsibility for good communication between creative and client.

Representing young promising talent as well as established artists who all understand their profession and are able to create attractive and applicable images. We’ve always made a strict selection of creatives by demanding inimitable quality, convincing expertise and a distinguishable signature style.

Due to this UNIT C.M.A. has grown into an experienced business-to-business company that attaches great importance to servicing both clients and creatives.


  • Narda van 't Veer
    Narda van 't Veer
    Founder & Photography Agent
  • Lia Wals
    Lia Wals
    Senior Photography Producer
  • Lisanne van Midden
    Lisanne van Midden
    Creative Communication Manager
  • Jan Schenk
    Jan Schenk
    Finance Manager