Art Direction | Marinus Oomen

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Marinus Oomen is an Art Director specialised in still life photography. Combining artificial and natural elements, he creates playful images with an editorial touch. With his experience as a set stylist and his exquisite eye for colors and texture, he is able to translate abstract concepts into new photography and multi-disciplinary concepts.
His career has been a fluid evolution of artistic creation, collaboration and commissions. His captivating still life are elegant, graphic, intriguing and quirky. The arrangements of objects and set designs are highly thoughtful with layers that are both graphically precise, labouriously constructed yet retain a feeling of spontaneity.
Martin has collaborated with: Stills&Strokes, Amos Fricke, Denis Koval, Christian Hagemann, Kate Jackling, Metz+Racine, Ragnar Schmuck, Monika Holzner, Caroline Fayette, Mathilde Karrrèr & Eva Roovers