Philip Lindeman

Philip Lindeman is a Dutch illustrator, living and working Utrecht, The Netherlands. In Philip’s illustrated world you end up in a fictional reality. His scenes, participants and themes include tragedies, mysticism and humorous situations that somehow feel recognisable and taken straight out of daily life. Where Philip’s creative process within his free work arises from ‘thinking by doing’, the creative process within his commissioned work is the exact opposite. Within assignments he likes to be surprised, and it is the restrictions, new themes and subjects which lead him to finding solutions and extensions of his visual world. The variation between these ways of working keeps his enthusiasm high and that makes Philip an ambitious and energetic illustrator. Philip has worked with clients such as: De Volkskrant, Westergas, Fritz-Kola, Deutsche Bahn, Die Zeit, De Correspondent, Frans Hals Museum & Teylers Museum.

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