Philippe Vogelenzang

Amsterdam & Ibiza

Philippe Vogelenzang is a Dutch photographer with a background in art history. He applied for the photography department of the royal academy of arts in The Hague. After one year he decided to develop himself further as an autodidact. From that point, driven by imagination, curiosity, and intuition, Philippe started creating images that often seem to render a classic quality being dynamic, honest, and playful. With a big love for people he finds beauty in all unique personalities and aims to capture an iconic presence or intensity in the one he photographs. Philippe is based in Amsterdam and Ibiza, but works all over the world. His clients include V Magazine, Vogue International, Dsection, The Grey, Denham, Joop and many more brands and magazines. He was part of the exposition ‘don’t stop now, fashion photography next’ (2014), Foam photomuseum, Amsterdam (curated by mag-dalene keaney), and is featured in the book of Thames & Hudson. Several selections of his work are represented by foam editions.