There are some questions in life that seem obvious, and “Should I call my ex?” is right up there. No. No, you shouldn’t. For his commission for WeTransfer's WePresent, Carlin Diaz created a very personal story on love, loss and happiness. Narrated by artist Peter Shire, the film may not answer the question, but it does provide an amazingly memorable dive into Carlín’s visual brilliance.

"This idea was born from the feeling of breaking up with the person you think is going to be your life companion. I was in this relationship for seven years.

The video is about that feeling of regret you have after you break-up, and loneliness, and emptiness. You’re trying to fill the emptiness with something or someone – you start partying, probably taking drugs, to forget about the reality. Or you’re calling the person you met at the party last night. The film is about trying to fill this emptiness with something or someone, but in the end your ex is still there. In the end you are trapped.

Either that feeling finally disappears, or you take this energy and transform it into something you believe will be beautiful. That’s how the idea was born. I could take that feeling of emptiness and see it as a positive thing – create something and probably get over it. Actually I think that’s what art is about. You can transform your reality through art.

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