After 35 years it's time to say goodbye

Owner & founder Narda van 't Veer has made the thoughtful decision to permanently close Unit Creative Management Amsterdam on August 1, 2023. Throughout its impressive history, the agency has been renowned for representing photographers and illustrators at an exceptional level in the industry.

In today's dynamic media landscape, maintaining the same level of creative excellence that Unit has been known for over the past thirty-five years has become increasingly challenging. Factors such as social media have contributed to the evolving nature of photography, making it bolder and more diverse. However, this also means that the production of high-end photography campaigns has become less common.

Unit C.M.A. has flourished over the years and grown into the largest and most successful agency in the Netherlands. They have crafted iconic and innovative (inter)national fashion and advertising campaigns, as well as numerous inspiring editorials.

During her time at Unit C.M.A., Van 't Veer has mentored many unique and relevant image makers, providing them with a platform to shine on both national and international stages. Her talent for connecting creatives with the right clients has established her as a respected authority within the industry, attracting numerous talents and clients who eagerly collaborate with her and the agency.

Next to running the agency, Van ‘t Veer co-founded The Ravestijn Gallery a decade ago, together with Jasper Bode. This venture represents contemporary artists such as Inez & Vinoodh, Michael Bailey Gates, Ruth van Beek, and Anja Niemi. As Van 't Veer moves forward, she will focus on expanding The Ravestijn Gallery, embracing new opportunities and continuing to support the vibrant art community.