In the 25th edition of 'fotokroniek' Isabella Rozendaal will exhibit her hunting project and unpublished work from her recent trip with the indigenous people of the Brazilian Amazon.

Isabella Rozendaal

Growing up in the city, I never realized hunting was still being practiced - I never thought I would see myself on a hunt. When I made my first book, On Loving Animals, I witnessed my first hunt. Compared to the hypocritical relationship meat-eating city dwellers tend to have with animals, where they are either part of the family or an unrecognizable industrial food product, the world of hunting seemed surreal - oddly honest and confronting. I was intrigued by this combination of a peaceful, meditative interaction with nature and the unforgiving confrontation with death. My goal is to witness with an open mind, and share my experiences.


(2009 - approx. 2016) is a project about modern hunting cultures across the world. What started out as a straightforward photo series quickly grew into a long-term project, which involves extensive travel and writing, as well as historical and cultural research into this complex, controversial subject. The goal is to create a book that shows the vast variety that characterizes hunting culture. In the meantime, several publications and exhibitions tell the story as it goes along. Future destinations include Scotland, France, South Africa, Central Europe and Scandinavia.