A very warm welcome to our new illustrator Philip Lindeman! In Philip's illustrated world you end up in a fictional reality. His scenes, participants and themes include tragedies, mysticism and humorous situations that somehow feel recognisable and taken straight out of daily life.

As a child, Philip Lindeman used to fill his childhood notebooks with drawings of Space Jam figures, Cartoon Network characters, superheroes and crooks. Nowadays his colourful cheeky illustrations still have several nostalgic aspects and Easter eggs: one of his latest commissions for Westergas Fabriek has some serious Where's Waldo quality. Look closely and you may spot Mr Oizo, Scrooge McDuck, Tin Tin, Marge Simpson, Mia Wallace & It.

Philip has worked with clients such as: De Volkskrant, Westergas, Fritz-Kola, Deutsche Bahn, Die Zeit, De Correspondent, Frans Hals Museum & Teylers Museum.