hermès is delighted to present to you the new windows designed and created by Dutch designer noa verhofstad. This celebration of fantasy and craftsmanship can be enjoyed in de Bijenkorf in Amsterdam.

Studio Noa Verhofstad focuses on craftsmanship and handicrafts. Every essential element, whether it is a photograph, a presentation or an installation, is created and constructed by hand.

“The history of Hermès is based on horse riding. I decided to create a whole world around it complete with carriage, horses and a stable including minute details such as a broom. It’s all going to be in the exact same red colour of the collection. I hope that if people walk by the window they get drawn into the world I created and leave their daily life behind for a second to see what happens. To be in a state of wonder is always a good thing I think”.

The work of Studio Noa Verhofstad always exudes a sense of nostalgia and wonder. All images are composed with the utmost care and attention to detail, a process in which the choice of materials plays a very decisive role. Paper, cardboard, wool, glass or wood, they all contribute to the telling of a story.

The windows can be seen in de Bijenkorf Amsterdam until October 20th.