XSAGA captures dutch historical interiors decorated with white balloons

afbeelding 1

rams woerthe in steenwijk

afbeelding 2

bartolotti in amsterdam

Afbeelding 3

bonck in hoorn

with 400 buildings in their collection, hendrick de keyser association gives a representative picture of the dutch architectural history. this collection includes homes, farms, country houses, courtyards, villas, fishermen’s cottages and town halls across 101 locations throughout the netherlands.

to celebrate 100 years of the opportunity to open and share the association’s historical buildings with visitors as the so-called ‘museum houses’, XSAGA has designed a campaign that shows the beauty of the buildings and their interiors in an extraordinary way. each photo shows a magical and poetic image of an iconic historical interior from different phases in time. together, they form a series of photos that make viewers curious, encourage them to share stories, and invite the audience to step into the wonderful world of those buildings.

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