The partnership between Bogesunds and Finnish born illustrator kustaa saksi

sprung out of the creative turmoil caused by the installation Hello! Anatomy of Communication. The two parties came together and decided to use the artist’s original illustration for the Hello! paper dome for a new textile . After an intensive dialogue, late nights of design work and test weaving, the big looms of Bogesunds finally started producing the cloth in mid January.

The final result shows the masterful skills of the workers at the weaving mills of translating the complex and multi chromatic artwork into warp and weft.

With its vivid colors and organic layout, the ­design bears the DNA of both the

Art Nouveau of the late 19th century and 60’s ­psychedelica, ­bringing to mind such greatness as Joseph Frank’s classic patterns for Svenskt Tenn.

The venture is presented for the first time here at the ­Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair. The interior that was designed suggests a church interior, with rows of high tables in front of an ‘altar’ where The Hello! Show panels hold sway. The table tops are made of a mirror laminate and balance on stacks of A4 paper sheets – 700,000 in total.

“I’m fascinated by architecture and antique ceiling paintings in temples all over the world, and the way they’ve attracted people to share their thoughts and ideas.

I’ve wanted to create a similar esthetics, mixed with orientalism, art, mathematics, science and psychedelia, by depicting communication as Darwinistic evolution. Constantly on the move and a work in progress, like bacteria and marine animals when they crawled out of the depths of the sea millions of years ago,” says Kustaa Saksi,

the illustrator behind the work.