Fashionary commissioned Laura Laine to illustratie 16 of of the world’s most sought-after and legendary bags in fashion history for their Iconic Bags Postcard Book.

Below a small Q&A between Fashionary and Laura!

F: Hi Laura, can you tell us the stories behind your illustrations of the Iconic Bags Postcard Book?

L: I wanted to create a story for each image that would be inspired by the look and feeling of each bag. I wanted the girls to have a strong interaction with the bags and not just embellish them, rather for the illustrations to play with the unique characteristics of each bag.

F: We would like to know more about the process of creating your illustration. How does it work?

L: I draw with pencils, colored pencils and markers on paper. I started with very rough idea sketches for each bag before drawing a proper sketch. I wanted to make sure that they would work nicely as a series as well as individual illustrations. This last sketch I developed then into the finished work. It takes a few days to go from the idea to the final illustration, depending a bit on the amount of detail.

F: What is the most challenging part of this project?

L: Doing justice to each bag design while making the illustrations work smoothly as a series.