We are happy to announce that photographer Willeke Duijvekam will be opening her first solo exhibition!

Mandy and Eva are two girls, even though they were born as boys. Willeke Duijvekam followed their lives for six years, throughout their most difficult period in childhood; adolescence. Willeke was guided by her fascination for the relationship between body and mind, and her growing admiration for the courage of these teenagers who refused to allow society's expectations to dictate their lives.

Two girls, two stories, with perhaps more differences than similarities.

Mandy & Eva by Willeke Duijvekam

Thursday 12th of September to 13th of October 2013

Melkweg Gallery

Marnixstraat 409

The exhibition is accompanied by the appearance of a photo book with the same title.

You can order the book by emailing willeke duijvekam

See the portfolio of Willeke Duijvekam here.