Peet Dullaert presents Muses with Extraordinary Lives: Zuleika Ponsen,

Linda Spierings, Josephine Colsen, Rebecca Ayoko

wearing Peet Dullaert Spring Summer 2013.

“It is not so much about age, or the trend topic of models and women that are of a different age then the usual. It is about women in fashion that have achieved so much! That inspire so much! Their stories, their devotion, their support and their love.

Their repertoire is impressive, their dedication to their work eternal. As are they. These women are to be remembered forever” – Peet Dullaert.

Photography: Meinke Klein

Styling: Peet Dullaert

Hair and Make-up: Chiao Li Hsu, Jennifer Mackintosh and Harie von Wijnberge

Interviews: Peet Dullaert

Melanie Bomans

With a special thanks to Wayne Sterling