We've recently expanded our roster of illustrators and are very happy to welcome our new talents: Blindsalida, Kate Bingaman-Burt and Martine Johanna. To view their complete portfolio click on the links below.


Heavily inspired by surrealism and psychedelic situations the works of Blindsalida are complex but energetic. His eye-catchingstyle is a mixture of primary colors and fluctuating forms, explosions and liquids that are full of life and motion. With an unsatisfying drive to find new ways to incorporate his style Blindsalida also ventures out on projects for datavisualisation, icons and typography.

kate bingaman-burt

For Kate Bingaman Burt becoming an illustrator was an accident. Since early 2006 she started her daily drawings to document what she had bought that day and she has been drawing ever since. You can instantly recognize her her work by the colorful line drawings and hand lettered illustrations can’t help but put a smile on your face.

martine johanna

After a career as a fashion designer, mid 2008 Martine Johanna's direction turned entirely towards painting and drawing. Her works can be described as highly detailed and show a vividly surreal world. The handcrafted pencil drawings and paintings come from an unlikely universe, in the shape of sometimes dark feminine fairy tales where a deep bond with her inner world comes to life.