With their latest campaign 'My handicap is invisible' Handicap.nl is shedding a light on the invisible side effects of having a (visual) handicap. In The Netherlands there are over 2 million people with a handicap, and able-bodied people often interact with them in an awkward or inappropriate way. Especially a visible handicap is tricky as it is not only the first, but often the only thing people see.

Robin de Puy created three video portraits of Hetty, who often receives unwanted and unsolicited help from others; Arnoud, who often has problems with his dating life; and Luca, who will need to rely on his parents for all his life.
The campaign aims to create more awareness and to show what living with a handicap really means. More info can be found on the campaign website jezietmaardehelft.nl.

Director: Robin de Puy
DOP: Maarten van Rossem
Gaffer: Giel Born
Sound recordist: Mark Wessner
Hair & make-up: Yokaw Pat
Styling: Salimah Gablan
Colour grading: Maarten van Rossem
Editor: Bjorn Mentink
Agency: Being There