This year marks Nijntje/Miffy's 60th birthday! Since 1955 Dick Bruna's iconic creation inspired several generations with 32 different books which were translated in over 50 languages. Today marks the start of the Nijntje Art Parade in collaboration with UNICEF. 60 International artists were invited to reinterpret Nijntje's looks. Among these were three of our creatives: Carli Hermès, Wendelien Daan and Piet Paris.

carli hermès created 'Sunshine' after projecting shapes and colours on his Nijntje, a technique he uses often on his models. Once he tried a projection in gold he knew he found the perfect second skin for Nijntje. With the aid of Jeroen Echter he added a touch of glamour using layers of gold glitter. 'Sunshine' is on display at the Stedelijk Museum.

wendelien daan's 'Nijntje Transformer' came to life by using fragments of her photographs, creating a brand new person that takes on the shape of Nijntje.

piet paris, who also collaborated on the exhibition 'Nijntje in de Mode' in 2011, created a new wardrobe for Nijntje. His statue 'The Party Dress' shows the most interesting pieces in her closet.

The statues will be exhibited in Amsterdam, Utrecht and The Hague.