Cheaters on the internet, almost everyone falls for their tricks at least once in their life! In light of the exhibition (no Privacy) photographer rein janssen has put together a series about the dangers on the internet that are infringing upon your privacy.

Rein: ‘Given passwords, incident responses, phishing, social engineering and privacy protection are very abstract terms. I needed to find a way to translate these terms and using computer parts seemed like a good idea to me. At the second-hand shop I bought numerous computers, printers and similar objects. This theme for me is as if we as people are in a little boat bobbing along in the ocean, the sky is wonderfully blue and the sun is shining. Underneath us though in the deep ocean there is a hidden whole other world which we know very little about. This is like how we as users of our computers see only our screens and do not see when we are being taken for a ride. Every theme in this series has been depicted by an animal in the ocean. Everything was created by a hot glue gun, everything is real!

Phishing@you: I made the fish from computer parts. It is 70cm tall and it took a few days to make, and I used an iconic drawing of a fish from the internet for guidance, it took a lot of shifting until the form worked and looked good. With plastic foil I was able to create a feeling of water.

Password: In a keyboard there are numerous elements from which I made the jellyfish. Detail: In a cord of the jellyfish I included the lettering ‘fot0dok & re!n janssen’. The head is made from the rubber and plastic sheets found in the keyboard. I wanted to create the vast feeling of the ocean, the endlessness. The joke is that the most common passwords are 1234567 and qwerty.

Privacy protection: When making the shell I first made the ‘valuable’ part. To really create the form of a St. Jacob’s shell I used internet cables to construct the lines over it. This instantly felt sort of like protecting valuable information. When you see how beautiful the animal is in real life you see how inspiring it is: it has tentacles and it has many beautiful colors in its meat. The photos that I found on the internet where often those from shallow clear sea water with grassy landscapes and algae growth. This is why I created the clear image with reflections from the water’s surface.

Social engineering: The term social engineering is for example how you disguise yourself and pretend to be someone else from a company and create fake invoices. A few animals in the sea are masters of disguise. Their bodies can take on the same form as a plant or the sea bottom or rocks making them almost invisible. I created the light as if you were in murky water trying to take a detailed photo of coral reefs.