Jochem van Grunsven

Amsterdam, the Netherlands More info
contact: Mark Jovanovic

Collecting pieces of time, Jochem van Grunsven strives to make personal work with great enthusiasm, curiosity and a high interest in the world around him and the humanity of the moment in order to know, feel and understand it better. Trusting his intuition, he allows himself to travel to unknown places in order to find and reveal balance and beauty in small, simple and ordinary things in everyday life. He embraces chance, simplicity and available light and sees photography mostly as an act of observing rather than intervening. He applies a graphic, abstract, raw and poetic vision to street, still life and portrait photography. Whilst creating a world of his own, he connects with and learns from his surroundings. He invites his viewer to lend each of his pictures both a present and a past.

Jochem van Grunsven is a self-taught photographer. After several years of assisting many high level portrait and fashion photographers, he now devotes more time to his own work. He lives in Amsterdam but works and travels frequently. Besides his personal projects, he collaborates with magazines and commercial clients.