The best value for every budget

With over 30 years of production experience, we have a broad background in national and international photography and film. As well as producing for creatives within our artist management portfolio, we also produce for direct clients and independent creatives. Making it possible for you to receive the UNIT quality, regardless of your project, campaign or budget.

Full service production

We provide production from the start of your concept to the publication and broadcast of your campaign. UNIT C.M.A organises complete production. From art direction and set-design to location search, casting and the complete post-production. We execute your productions and projects from scratch.

Of course, we can also deliver a single service or help you find the right creatives and crew for your project.


Please contact the office by calling +31 20 530 6000

or send us a message at for any enquiries.

We are happy to be of service.


Suit Supply by Carli Hermès


Finley by Michelle Duijn

The Hyundai by Meinke Klein