Fotoweek is proud to announce Robin de Puy as the fourth ‘Photographer of the Netherlands’. De Puy will be the ambassador for Fotoweek for a year, acting as the face of Dutch professional photography.

Every year the appointed photographer creates a special photoseries, centered around the theme of Fotoweek, which will be displayed during the biannual international photography festival BredaPhoto.

This year’s theme ‘Look! This is me’ places a focus on portrait photography, as well as on the discourse between the portrayed and the portrayer. Does a portrait reflect the true you, or solely the image that the photographer has of you? How much of oneself can the photographer transfer into the portrait of another person?

For the exhibition De Puy traveled to Denmark to portray her uncle Jan Mallan, an 81 year old man suffering from Alzheimer’s. De Puy was afraid to lose him (or rather: for him to lose his unicity) to the disease. It has caused Jan to develop all kinds of new behaviours, which are fascinating and moving De Puy endlessly. For Photoweek she has captured some of these moments, granting the onlooker insight into the wonderful world of Jan, and in turn the world of De Puy. Because in the end a portrait says as much about the photographer as the portrayed..

Breda Photo

September 15 till October 30

Parade 10, Breda

The Netherlands