Together with Lisa Maschhaupt Saša Ostoja made his first childrens’s book ‘Donnie’. The wonderfully colourful publication 'Donnie' is about a boy who loves to wear dresses, but is bullied at school because of that. In his mother’s wardrobe Donnie discovers a wondrous world of acceptance and adventure. In these bold and exciting stories, Donnie learns about diversity, inclusion and other topics relevant to the world today’s children grow up in. Children’s and picture books play an important role in the way children get to know the world around them. They also have a tremendous influence on the way they view society. Too often we, society, create a standard and an expectation of how one should be. ‘It’s time that sharing an inclusive, diverse and broad story becomes the standard.’ – Lisa Maschhaupt Donnie is published by Donnie Stories in both English and Dutch and is suitable for kids aged 3 to 100. Selling points: online through, - offline through Amsterdam Book Center, Stedelijk Museum, Atheneum Boekhandel, De Kleine Parade, Wijs West, Bestsellers, Primera Pasteuning Amsterdam, Xantippe Unlimited and more to come through the whole country.