Nothing Gold Can Stay: Alexander McQueen F/W 2012

An Animated Editorial in Collaboration with commons&sense Magazine

Inspired by McQueen creative director Sarah Burton’s approach, whose aim in this collection was to show a “…lightness, the sense that the dresses were hovering,” Nothing Gold Can Stay is a five piece animated editorial that situates each garment floating in an open sky amidst a sea of passing clouds.

The clouds, varying in size and shape, pass through each composition in a different direction to create the effect of the garments swinging back and forth in open air. Sped up to cut the overall frame account, the movement in each GIF suggests a time-lapse feel. All elements are hand drawn and arranged for animation with AfterEffects.

A static version of Nothing Gold Can Stay is available in print in commons&sense (Japan) issue no. 43, available for the Fall/Winter season.