Photographer/Director Corriette Schoenaerts created a video for the upcoming TEDx Amsterdam 2012 'Rethinks Human Nature' event.

Like yin and yang, life and death, good and bad, right and wrong, creation cannot exist without destruction, and out of destruction comes creation.

The CREATEDESTROY campaign, developed by WE ARE Pi, photographer

Corriette Schoenaerts and artist Guido Verhoef, highlights the two-sided personality of Ideas Worth Spreading ahead of the online-streamed TEDxAmsterdam event on November 30.

Artist Guido Verhoef blew up 15,000 balloons to reveal the true face of human nature in a thought provoking Idea Worth Doing for TEDx Amsterdam. For the upcoming event, speakers and the audience will enter the theme ‘Human Nature’ to explore who and what we are, how do we think, feel and act. What are our limitations, and how can we overcome them? The TEDx Talks, hosted at Amsterdam’s Stadsschouwburg theatre, will be broadcast live online to the world.

The campaign extends into print, event branding, newspaper, TEDTalk videos and apparel. CREATEDESTROY is the third TEDx campaign from WE ARE Pi focused on work that is an Idea Worth Doing both in process and output.