Meet TRIX, one of the three most complete Tyrannosaurus rexes ever found, and the first one outside the USA! Commissioned by natural history museum Naturalis, Isabella Rozendaal traveled to Hill City, South Dakota to photograph the preparation of her 66-million-year-old bones, and hung out with (and learned so much from) the passionate paleontologists that worked on her. Trix will be on display in Leiden from September 10.

After documenting the preparation of the bones, the crew traveled to the middle of nowhere, Montana, to meet the people involved in finding TRIX. During their journey the crew were hit with some of the worst Montana weather, and going out to his ranch was a challenge. But thanks to his mud-driving skills, they made it through the gumbo, as they call it. Life here is more remote and harsh than Isabella could have imagined, these are some seriously tough and self-reliant people.

Meet Lige Murray, the owner of the ranch where Trix was found, and Blaine Lunstad, who works on the ranch 6 1/2 days a week, and spends his afternoon off hunting fossils. Life on a Montana Black Angus cattle ranch is not easy, but apparently it's addictive.