Last week the “Creative Press Challenge”, an initiative by De Volkskrant, has started. This initiative serves to challenge creatives to create a single print ad, and nothing more than that. They move away from the digital era and focus on where the true strength of an idea unfolds; in print. Winners of this challenge will be rewarded with a publication in De Volkskrant and an entry into Cannes Lions Festival. Corriette Schoenaerts was responsible for the campaign image and teaser movie of this initiative.

“Bad ideas can’t hide in print and good ideas deserve the shine”

A short film by Corriette Schoenaerts

Director: Corriette Schoenaerts

DOP: Hessel Walewijn

Creative Director: Thijs Biersteker Nomadic.

Copy: Pieter van den Heuvel

Production: Unit c.m.a.

Art: Jelier & Schaaf

Light: Mick Durlacher

SFX: Superheroes

Editor: Will Judge


Audio: JONS

Music: Amp.Amsterdam

EQ: 711, Cam-a-lot & Golden Eye

Studio: Allard Studio's